We have been helping companies to source leather goods from Portugal for 12 years and there has been a very noticeable increase in demand for production for premium quality leather bags (and similar products) over the last couple of years. The Portuguese leather industry is dominated by small scale manufacturers, which are increasingly focused on producing high-end leather goods generally in short production runs. Portuguese leather goods manufacturers have been taking business from Italian and French competitors because they can offer similar levels of craftsmanship, but with substantially lower minimums and lead times with generally lower costs.

A new generation of Portuguese leather goods producers is emerging, many of which have benefited from European funding to upgrade the machinery they use and to bring in better quality and production control systems and a new generation of management has also helped to modernise what is still a very traditional industry.

Here at PortugalWorks we source from a small number of leather goods factories clustered around centres of excellence in leather production in northern Portugal, where much of the know-how in leather goods production has spilled over from the recent success of the leather shoes sector.

If you are interested in sourcing leather bags from Portugal, please contact us and we will help you with all your sourcing requirements.

Einkauf von Lederwaren aus Portugal