Portugal in one of Europe's centres of excellence in the manufacture of leather goods, with a long tradition of tanning and manufacturer in the footwear sector as well as for clothing and other sectors such as leather bags, leather wallets and other leather accessories. Here at PortugalWorks we are able to organize the manufacture of your leather goods requirements, from very small orders for new brands to much larger orders for more established players. Portugal is able to offer highly skilled, artisan production at competitive prices, as Portugal is a low-cost European manufacturing base; we supply mainly to northern Europe, but we also export to all four corners of the globe. Our main area of expertise is in leather bags, leather shoes and leather accessories (such as wallets, purses, belt etc), generally operating at mid to higher price points, as the cheap and cheerful end of the market has generally migrated to the Far East.

We can provide:

  • Introductions to carefully chosen suppliers, who we know and trust
  • Sample and collection preparation
  • Assistance in price negotiation
  • Fabric approvals including lab work when necessary
  • Ongoing quality control inspection during production
  • Source material checking, cutting ,inline, sewing and final inspection
  • Organization of transportation and logistics
We also work with apparel sourcing from Portugal and for all enquiries please contact us at info@portugalworks.com to give us some more details about what you are looking for.