We have a lot of experience of sourcing clothing in Portugal and we regularly get asked for help with apparel sourcing requirements from foreign buyers. We have over 15 years of experience in the Portuguese apparel industry to help buyers find their perfect supplier in Portugal. The truth is there are still a fair few unreputable textile companies in Portugal, which can give the industry a bad name, but there are also a number of world-class suppliers and we can help you find them and then oversee the production of your garments, to make sure that you get exactly the product you are looking for.

15 years ago, the Portuguese textile industry was in a crisis as its strong position as a producer of low cost clothing in Europe was being rapidly eroded by even lower cost competition from the Far East. Many large textile companies had to close their doors and the industry turnover shrank rapidly. However in recent years there has been something of a renaissance in the Portuguese textile industry, mainly thanks to high tech and high end producers no longer focused on mass market products. For Europan clothing retailers in particular, Portugal can now offer a source of high quality apparel without having to travel half way round the world to find it. In the old world, apparel sourcing agents worked for factories on commissions as glorified salespeople, but nowadays, most clothing buyers want to work directly with the factories, but need help to find the right suppliers for their production and then want someone on the ground who they can rely on to make sure that the production is carried out correctly and that the final product is of the quality originally agreed to.

We can provide:

  • Introductions to carefully chosen suppliers, who we know and trust
  • Sample and collection preparation
  • Assistance in price negotiation
  • Fabric approvals including lab work when necessary
  • Ongoing quality control inspection during production
  • Source material checking, cutting , inline, sewing and final inspection
  • Organization of transportation and logistics

We have a lot of experience in the textile sector, both through running our own brand of custom cycling clothing and through many years work on the production side in factories.  We also work with leather goods sourcing from Portugal and a fine needlework/embroidery & handmade accessories supplier. So if you are looking for help with apparel sourcing, quality control and production supervision, please contact us at to give us some more details about what you are looking for.