Clothing & accessories sourcing from Portugal

We are a British-Portuguese company with 25 years of experience of sourcing clothing from Portugal, leather goods and accessories in Portugal. Our clients are generally small and medium sized companies, predominantly from northern Europe looking for mid to high end clothing manufacturers. Our job is to use our extensive knowledge of the portuguese apparel sector to find you the perfect manufacturing partner, selecting only from those clothing manufacturers in Portugal that we know intimately and can trust to make reliable quality garments. Once we have found the right clothing supplier for you, we will then help with the development of your clothing range and then accompany every step of the manufacturing process – our job is to be your eyes and ears in Portugal so that you can be certain that your clothing range is being manufactured exactly to specification.

Sourcing clothing from another country can be an intimidating business, given that you may not know manufacturers or the way that business is done in that country – having British and Portuguese owners at PortugalWorks means that we understand how are overseas clients feel and also know the local clothing manufacturers extremely well and know how to get the very best out of Portugal’s clothing sector.

In the 25 years we have been sourcing clothing from Portugal, we have seen a dramatic change in the Portugal clothing sector, shifting from low-end simple garments to much more premium products requiring a highly skilled workforce and machinery. So our work now is increasingly to represent this more premium side of the clothing sector – for example we do a lot of work with handmade finishing to garments and accessories and sourcing leather bags with complex detailing.

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Our Latest News

Why you might need a clothing sourcing agent in Portugal

Clothing sourcing agents sometimes get a bad press - are they just parasites living off the hard work of factories who actually produce the clothing or do we have a genuine contribution to make in making the whole process of sourcing clothing from overseas a more...

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Handmade accessories, including tiaras

We have done some work recently on making some truly stunning tiaras and other accessories for some premium brands. Whilst we would not share here the work we do for our clients, we produced some of our own examples to demonstrate the kind of tiaras and other...

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Fine needlework, embroidery & handmade accessories

Whilst the mass-market for clothing, footwear and accessories is clearly going strong with the unstoppable rise of fast fashion and single-wear outfits there is a parallel trend which is for durability, uniqueness and handmade quality. Here at PortugalWorks, we have...

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Evolution of textile and leather sourcing from Portugal

The Portuguese textile sector was worth around €4.9 billion and leather €200 million in 2021 and both have been growing sales over the last decade or so. But these raw numbers do not tell the real story of the changes that have been going on in both sectors. As...

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