Exporting & Importing in Porto & northern Portugal

The PortugalWorks team is led by Charlie Cutler, who is British but has lived in Portugal since 1998 and works for some different export businesses, including Carvalho Custom (a custom cycling & triathlon clothing business), CorkLink (a cork supplier) and PortoEvents (an events organizer for Porto and the surrounding region). PortugalWorks is a partnership with Infeira Lda, a consultancy company, with a range of in house consultants and 25 years of experience working with Portuguese and international clients in a broad range of businesses, specializing in helping companies to sell products to Portugal and investments in northern Portugal.

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Our Latest News

Selling products to Portugal

We are based in the north of Portugal - getting here is easy thanks to fantastic airport connections out of Porto airport, but how should you go about selling your products here? At PortugalWorks we are able to offer assistance to foreign firms looking to break into...

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Investment in the Portuguese Interior

Over the last couple of years, the performance of the Portuguese economy has been somewhat better than expected given the slightly shambolic nature of the coalition currently in charge (it is blend of centre-left, left-left and communists). Predictably enough the...

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Portugal’s tourism sector still booming

The evolution of Portugal’s tourism sector over the last 10 years is quite extraordinary – 10 years ago, Portugal had little more to offer than package holidays in the Algarve, but since then there has been a revolution. Lead by low-cost flights to Lisbon and Porto...

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Finding a distributor in Portugal

If you are looking for some help to find the right distributor for your products in Portugal, then the team at PortugalWorks can help you to find the right partner to allow you to penetrate the Portuguese market. With our partners at the Infeira business consultancy,...

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10 World Leading Companies from Portugal

Portugal has had its fair share of problems over the last 50 years or so, not least of which has been overcoming the legacy of a brutal dictatorship from the revolution in 1974 when democracy was established. So the current day Portuguese economy. So the current

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Portugal attracting more IT investment

Portugal has been gaining a deserved reputation as an attractive location for multinationals to open up IT development offices, particularly in Porto and the north of the country, but also Lisbon. Mercedes-Benz has just announced that is will be building its global...

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