Exporting & Importing in Porto & northern Portugal

The PortugalWorks team is led by Charlie Cutler, who is British but has lived in Portugal since 1998 and works for some different export businesses, including Carvalho Custom (a custom cycling & triathlon clothing business), CorkLink (a cork supplier) and PortoEvents (an events management company in Porto and the surrounding region). PortugalWorks is a partnership with Infeira Lda, a consultancy company, with a range of in house consultants and 25 years of experience working with Portuguese and international clients in a broad range of businesses, specializing in helping companies to sell products to Portugal and investments in northern Portugal.

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Our Latest News

World Leading Companies Move to Porto & Lisbon

There are some big companies setting up technology hubs in Porto and Lisbon, including Mercedes-Benz, Google and Amazon. The Portuguese Government has bent over backward to create a more business friendly environment for foreign companies, costs are typically low...

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Leather goods sourcing from Portugal

We have been helping companies to source leather goods from Portugal for 12 years and there has been a very noticeable increase in demand for production for premium quality leather bags (and similar products) over the last couple of years. The Portuguese leather...

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Used Port wine barrels for craft distilleries

Portugal is famous for being the home of Port wine, but of late there has been a massive increase in demand from craft distilleries to get hold of the used wooden barrels that the Port wine is aged in, because of the sweet fruity flavour that they can add to a whisky....

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