Here we are in March 2021 and the last three months have been fairly chaotic for those trading between Britain and the EU. Stories abound of problems with border controls, with unfathomable bureaucratic requirements for seemingly mundane exports, delays and higher transport prices. It is inevitable that some British companies are considering setting up a hub in the EU, perhaps just for distribution purposes for production or a mixture of the two. Whilst Portugal is situated on the periphery of Europe, northern Portugal is certainly a location that British firms should consider for their European base because of what it has to offer in terms of cost advantages, EU grant funding, cultural attractions, industrial base and more.

PortugalWorks has been operating in northern Portugal for over 20 years, helping Portuguese firms to export to the rest of the world but also helping foreign firms to open up a base in Portugal. Our company is British owned, but is run by a blend of Portuguese and British staff, so we are well placed to understand requirements of British companies considering setting up in Portugal as well as having an intimate knowledge of the local economy.

What we can offer our clients is:

  • Legal assistance to register a business and contractual issues
  • Handling of grant applications
  • Accountancy services
  • Introductions to potential business partners
  • Advice on where to locate a business and finding premises
  • Organising events in Porto
  • Introductions to relevant public officials and decision makers
  • Sourcing goods from reliable Portuguese firms in a range of sectors and overseeing production and delivery of orders

When you open up a subsidiary in a foreign country, you will be looking for a consultant who can help navigate you through all the bread and butter issues that will be completely unfamiliar to you – our job is to understand your requirements and offer a comprehensive set of solutions and options. Then as you become established to help you get the very best out of Portugal, through our extensive list of contacts in the private and public sectors and an intimate knowledge of the Portuguese economy.

So what is it that makes northern Portugal such a great option for a British company looking for a European base? Well here are a few things to consider:

  • One of the lowest cost bases in western Europe
  • Generous EU grants available for all manner of investments
  • Technically proficient and dedicated workforce
  • Low cost of living and great quality of living
  • English is very widely spoken
  • Thriving industrial sectors in northern Portugal include metalwork, textiles, food, IT, ceramics, cork and wood
  • Porto airport is extremely well connected and just two hours from the UK
  • Good freight connections to the UK and rest of Europe by sea, road and rail
  • Generous tax breaks for foreign firms investing in Portugal

Northern Portugal has a dynamic, thriving economy and it can be a fantastic option for a base in Europe for a British company, but as with any move to a new country there are some obstacles that need to be overcome, but we are the right partner to guide you through them.