Inward Investment

PortugalWorks has long worked in partnership with boutique consultancy firm Infeira and together we now offer inward investment consultancy for firms looking to invest or source from Portugal or to distribute their goods here.

If you are looking for a distributor in Portugal, in some cases PortugalWorks may be able to help directly by representing your product, but where this is not possible we can help you to find the right distributor through our extensive network of contacts and offer ongoing support to troubleshoot problems and monitor progress.

A growing number of foreign companies are investing in production facilities in Portugal, either in partnership with Portuguese companies or independently. We can offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for foreign direct investment to make the process run smoothly and to help maximize returns as well as helping with sourcing from Portuguese manufacturers. Services include:

  • Legal assistance to register a business and contractual issues
  • Handling of grant applications
  • Accountancy services
  • Introductions to potential business partners
  • Advice on where to locate a business
  • Event organiser in Porto
  • Introductions to relevant public officials and decision makers
  • Sourcing goods from reliable Portuguese firms in a range of sectors and overseeing production and delivery of orders

Infeira has a team with a broad range of skills, including:

José Carlos Silva

Mayor of Mozelos; leading consultant to the cork industry; economics and business lecturer; expert in sourcing goods from Portugal for export

Zélia Costa

Chartered Accountant; authority on European grant applications

Marisa Silva

Authority on implementation of ISO9001 and other quality control programs

Charles Cutler

Owner of export businesses including Carvalho Custom, CorkLink & PortugalWorks; Director of the British-Portuguse Chamber of Commerce

Cláudio Martins

Project management; implementation of EU funding projects

Miguel Castro

Professor at an Engineering Institute; specialist in product development and industrialization, R&D and environmental sciences

Conceição Pinto

Development of training & qualification programs for major Portuguese companies

Portugal has a compelling case for companies looking to invest in low-cost European production.

  • Highly skilled and hard-working labour force
  • Low minimum wages by EU standards (€565.83 per month)
  • Excellent maritime links on the Atlantic coast
  • Low cost of living and attractive climate for incoming employees
  • Excellent internal infrastructure and international connections by air
  • Well developed trade links with Portuguese speaking countries as well as the EU
  • Successful industries in agrifood, automotive, building materials, ceramics, footwear, furniture, mining, moulds, paper, petro-chemicals, textiles and others
  • Range of grants and fiscal benefits for companies investing in Portugal

With over 20 years of experience in business consulting, Infeira is able to offer a comprehensive package to businesses looking to invest in Portugal or to source their production there. Potential clients are welcome to a free initial consultation in our Mozelos office, just south of Porto.

For more information about how we can make your investment in Portugal work for your company.

please send us an email at , or you can call Charles Cutler on his direct line +351 965836665.