Exporting & Importing in Porto & northern Portugal.


The PortugalWorks team is led by Charlie Cutler, who is British but has lived in Portugal since 1998 and works for some different export businesses, including Carvalho Custom (a custom cycling & triathlon clothing business), CorkLink (a cork supplier) and PortoEvents (an events organizer for Porto and the surrounding region). PortugalWorks is a partnership with Infeira Lda, a consultancy company, with a range of in house consultants and 25 years of experience working with Portuguese and international clients in a broad range of businesses, specializing in investments in northern Portugal.

We believe that Portugal is a land of tremendous opportunities, given is low cost base, highly skilled workforce, hunger for economic growth and development, European Union funding opportunities, political stability, first class transport infrastructure, pro-business economic policies and incentives and the great quality of life available for those coming to live here. The trauma of the 2010 bail-out when the country was unable to service its debts turned out to be a turning point in economic policy and Portugal now enjoys a much more pro-business environment that has led to a dramatic growth in exports and a general turnaround of the country’s economic fortunes.

The PortugalWorks consultancy business helps foreign firms to invest in Porto and northern Portugal and also works with Portuguese firms looking for help to access export markets. We also help foreign firms to distribute their goods into the Portuguese market, by helping to find a suitable distributor and managing the relationship with them and represent international trade shows in Portugal for trade fairs looking for Portuguese exhibitors for their events.

On this site we chart the economic business development of the country both through the prism of our own businesses and also a more general look at the economy and would encourage anyone interested in doing business with Portugal to contact us.