Importing & Exporting from Portugal to the World

PortugalWorks is the hub for a group of businesses operated from Portugal that work in various different sectors: apparel, cork, corporate events, waste treatment and business support services. The PortugalWorks site gives an insight into how these businesses are run as well as providing an occasional commentary on the Portuguese economy and business environment. One of our key objectives is to facilitate more trade between Portugal and the rest of the world, both through expanding our own businesses but also helping out Portuguese businesses looking to export and overseas businesses looking to invest in production facilities in Portugal or to source goods from Portugal.

We believe that Portugal is a land of tremendous opportunities, given is low cost base, highly skilled workforce, hunger for economic growth and development, European Union funding opportunities, political stability, first class transport infrastructure, pro-business economic policies and incentives and the great quality of life available for those coming to live here. The trauma of the 2010 bail-out when the country was unable to service its debts turned out to be a turning point in economic policy and Portugal now enjoys a much more pro-business environment that has led to a dramatic growth in exports and a general turnaround of the country’s economic fortunes.

On this site we chart the economic business development of the country both through the prism of our own businesses and also a more general look at the economy and would encourage anyone interested in doing business with Portugal to contact us. You can find more information about our clothing sourcing business and consultancy services for inward investment.

The main businesses we currently run are listed below: