Making content to attract traffic to your site

If you have a business which needs a strong internet presence, the best way to generate traffic is to have some compelling content that people actually want to see. So you should be putting in a lot of work into churning out content that is informative, entertaining, attractive, useful or whatever and also give it out for free. Your payback is the small percentage of site visitors who might at some time in the future actually buy something. So when you are thinking about content for your site, don’t focus on how it might directly generate sales, but rather how it will drive quality traffic to your site (i.e. the kind of people who might actually buy something), then you can worry about sales later.

We have recently made a series of 6 short films about how obsessively triathletes train, but we have tried to make them as funny as possible and our goal is to try and get triathletes who see them to share them and so do our advertising work for us. We have not branded the films at all, although our custom triathlon kit does appear in them. My feeling is that if you make a film that is too obviously an advert, then people will be less likely to share it.

Here is the first film:

It does not have to cost a fortune to make these kind of films – we used an up-and-coming filmmaker, Luis Leite , based in Braga. He was an incredibly creative guy, who as well as doing the filming and editing, also came up with most of the creative ideas and he was fantastic fun to work with.