Invest in Porto, Portugal

Porto is Portugal’s second city and unlike the talking shop that is Lisbon, is where things actually get made. In my role as a Director of the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, I have been doing some work with the Porto Mayor’s office and their new organization InvesttPorto, which is trying to bring in external investment into the city of Porto. The key selling points for Porto as a place to have a factory or an office is that as well as being a very low cost location (in terms of land, housing, labour, restaurants, private schools and so on), it is just a jolly nice place to live, with 200 days of sun a year, a vibrant cultural scene, safe streets and a general relaxed and happy atmosphere. Anyway, here is a cheesy video to prove it all:

Here at PortugalWorks, in partnership with the business consultancy, Infeira, we are able to offer help to companies looking to invest in northern Portugal, so please get in touch if you would like to have an exploratory meeting for us to have a look at your requirements.

invest in porto