CorkLink – cork products from Portugal

If they main way your clients interact with you is online, then you have to think of ways that you can easily demonstrate what kind of company/brand you are via a computer screen. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make a short video in which people from your company appear – as well as showing off some of your products, you can demonstrate that your company is made up of real people (!) and potential clients watching the video will be able to make a judgement on what they think of you as people (are you slick untrustworthy snake oil salesman or honest down-to-earth types for example?). We all make judgements on people when we get a chance to look at them and hear them speak, whereas it is very difficult for us to make a judgement on the people behind text written on a website.

It is generally quite easy to find students or similar to make videos for you, so that they have a veneer of professionalism about them, but there seems little point in spending a fortune on getting a short film made about your company, if what you are trying to communicate is some honest truths about your company and what you produce. A significant extra advantage you will get from having films on your website is that Google will love you for it and it is a simple form of Search Engine Optimization. If your video gives some useful advice or information in it, then it will be shared by others and they will do the work of spreading the word about your company/brand for you.

We just made a short video about cork production in Portugal, in which we tried to give a face to our company and explain a bit about a particular product (bar-top corks in this case):